Creating Professional Landing Pages for Authors

Whatever you are selling, the structure of a landing page that converts does not change. In this episode of Horror Business, we discuss best practices to build landing pages for authors. A landing page is the destination web page for traffic from other sources. If you’re promoting your book on social media, you need to tell potential readers where to buy it. That’s the landing page.

Listen to the discussion and watch the video for examples of good book landing pages and structural elements of a successful landing page, as well as potential reasons to send traffic to your landing page instead of just to Amazon.

Example Websites from Video:
Stephen King:
Dean Koontz:

The below articles contain landing page best practices. These are for educational purposes only. Authors do NOT need to invest in a landing page creation platform like the Unbounce, etc. They are overkill for the indie horror author.

8 Steps to a Better Direct Response Landing Page

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