Download Any CPA Landing Page Template + Embed OGAds Content Locker!

I’m going to show you how to find & download any CPA landing page template of your dreams. After we download the template I’m also going to show you how to implement your CPA/CPI content locker that landing page! For this specific tutorial we are going to use OGads

In a later tutorial I am going to show you how to host any of these landing pages we download into our very own web server.

ATTENTION OGADS MEMBERS: If you don’t know your referrer or was lied to about receiving help, please ask your manager to change put your ID under my ID 28923!



STEP ONE: Finding the best landing page templates (0:35)
We’re going to find a landing page by going to google and typing in a niche name with the word hack and “verify” at the end.
Example: angry birds evolution hack “verify”

When we search this, we get a bunch of content to pick from. I found a specific landing page. It catches my eye immediately and it has all the thing I look for in a landing page. So, I’m going to pick this one.

STEP TWO: Downloading HTTrack (WinHTTrack) (2:05)
You want to go to and click the “Download” tab
Click the recommended table in green it shows you and download “WinHTTrack”
Next, you’re just going to install it (it’s really easy to install)

STEP THREE: Download the CPA Landing Page! (3:05)
* Open up WinHTTrrack and press “next”
* In your project name make it your niche
–Example: Angry birds evolution
* Then you simply copy and paste the landing page URL in the Web Addresses text box.
* Press Next & Finish and the landing page should start downloading!

Go ahead and go back and make sure your web address is consistent with the landing page URL you want to download from.

If it still doesn’t want to download, chances are the webserver knows what you’re trying to do and prohibits the WinHTTrack bot from copying. However there are loopholes around this!
* Click the set options window and click the “Spider tab” make sure your spider option is set for “no robot.txt rules”
* Now press the “Browser ID” and select the Java 1.1.4 option from the dropdown menu
* Press okay, next and finish and it should download your landing page template!

Locating Your CPA Landing Page & Installing Atom Text Editor: (6:20)
* Go to C:My Web Sites
* Click the campaign name that you made
* Click the folder which has the domain name of the landing page you are downloading
* Find your landing page!
* Now go to download Atom and install it

Implementing the Captcha Content Locker: (8:20)
* Drag your landing page into Atom
* Go back to your landing page and enter in your information to get to the end of the landing page to the content locker
* Find unique text given to you from the existing content locker code
* Go to ogads incentive tools captacha locker and locate your captcha locker
* Copy your content locker html code
* Go back to Atom and search the unique text you are using to find the content locker location.
* Once you’ve found the existing HTML content locking code, replace it with yours!
* Now we need to implement the javascript content locker code.
* Press Ctrl+F and search “script” (This will find all scripts within this landing page)
* Press find until we locate the javascript content locker
* Replace the content locker javascript code over the existing javascript content locker code

Implementing the Normal Content Locker: (13:55)
* Find unique text given to you from the existing content locker code and locate the code you need to replace
* Make a button element if one has not been created by typing the code given in the video
* Go ahead and check and see if your button went in correctly
* Go to ogads incentive tools content locker and find your content locker
* Copy your content locker function code (if you don’t see this enable your content locker to use onclick instead of onload)
Example: “call_locker();”
* Now go back to Atom and add an onclick attribute to the button and that is “onclick=”call_locker();”
* Implement the javascript content locker code in the landing page

Now you just need to test your CPA landing page & you should be ready to collect leads! (17:37) You can only test on webservers & I’m going to show you how to setup a webserver with a content locker for relativley cheap in the next video.

So that’s how you implement your content locker in any CPA landing page!

Have fun guys, go to live life on your own terms and have a great day!


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